Schneekluth Hydrodynamik

In Cooperation with Technava S.A.


Wake Equalizing Ducts & Spoilers

The Wake Equalizing Duct (WED) of Schneekluth Hydrodynamik GmbH is a tested and proven Energy Saving Device for full-form ships which contributes to propulsion efficiency improvement and consequently to reduction of fuel consumption and propeller excited vibrations.

The Wake Equalizing Duct, patented by Prof. Schneekluth of the Technical University of Aachen, was developed with the support of model-testing at the Model Tank of VBD of Duisburg Research Laboratory.

Since its first applications in mid-80’s Schneekluth Hydrodynamik GmbH has successfully performed more than 1,700 installations of Wake Equalizing Ducts & Spoilers. A unique and unparalleled reference list for all types of vessels.

Having performed extensive model-tests for ship specific hull-form and further following up the performance of the actual vessels equipped with the Schneekluth WED, it has been proven that the achievable efficiency gain is measured in the range of 4% up to 8% for Bulk Carrier & Tanker vessels.

The effects of the Schneekluth WED can be lined up as follows:

  • Establishment of axial flow and equal velocity distribution over the disk area
  • Improvement of the angle of flow-inward inclination to the longitudinal axis of ship
  • Reduction of flow separation
  • Uniformity of flow into propeller-disk, reduction of propeller excited vibrations
  • Generation of a lift-force with a forward-force component on the aerofoil section

Unique advantages of Schneekluth WED:

  • Proven fuel savings in the range of 4% to 8%
  • Official warranty of the expected efficiency gain on the actual vessel (no scale-affect uncertainties)
  • Exceptionally competitive price – ROI less than one operating year
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of propeller excited vibrations
  • More than 1700 successful installations
  • Easy to install within approx. 4 days