LifeLadder®‘s vibrant yellow colour ensures visibility both day and night. Our integrated solar-powered lamp makes it visible at night, year-round.


LifeLadder® is maintenance-free. It is made of reinforced, UV-stable plastic modules that will never corrode. LifeLadder® offers a longer lifetime than traditional quay ladders and improved TCO.


The length of a LifeLadder® can be customized to fit any quayside. Also, its modular construction makes it possible to replace damaged parts.

Visible 24/7

Modular construction

Maintenance free

Modular Construction

See how LifeLadder® ensures safety in ports.
LifeLadder exploded

The LifeLadder® is constructed of reinforced plastic modules in a UV-resistant bright yellow colour.

The construction combines the flexibility of a rope ladder with the rigidity of an ordinary marine ladder; modules are tied together by synthetic ropes yet held apart by compressible rubber spacers.

The modular concept contributes to improvements in sustainability, as damages only involves replacing broken modules rather than replacing an entire ladder.

The invention behind LifeLadder® is covered by Pending Patent Application no. EP17166906.2

Visibility at Night

The LightUnit illuminates the LifeLadder® at night.
Our solar-powered LightUnit is optimized for full year performance up to 60°N. Our grid powered LightUnit is recommended for locations further north.
LifeLadder LightUnit

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